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Starter cultures

BILLTEC offers a wide range of lactic acid starter cultures for the production of all dairy products with constant technical support and assistance.

The starter cultures are produced by the Italian company MEDITERRANEA BIOTECNOLOGIE, which has been represented in Greece since 2004 exclusively by BILLTEC.

MEDITERRANEA BIOTECNOLOGIE distinguish in the field of starter cultures as cooperates with major international dairy companies, covering the production requirements of any dairy product type and specific interested customers with the ability to design customized products (tailor made).

The lactic acid cultures are prepared from naturally selected bacterial strains that help controlled acidification, appearance of various flavors and creation of excellent flavor and texture, as well as optimization of production output in fermented dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, kefir ecc.

Feta (FE / MO / SOB / PCS) Traditional (TL)
Kasseri (PCS) Strained (JOG series)
Graviera (GRV) Probiotics (BF/LCR)
White cheese (TXC) Drink (YO-M)
Cheese spreads (MEG, SVMG) Kefir (KEFIR)
Other traditional fermented products

All starter cultures are certified according Halal and Kosher.

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