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Special enzymes

The company offers various enzyme preparations used in food production for technological purposes.

Lactase is an enzyme which basic function is the hydrolytic cleavage of the disaccharide lactose to its components galactose monomer and glucose.

The main necessity of lactase is lactose intolerance, which is a kind of genetically defined digestive problem that is observed around the world at different frequencies.

In addition, lactase can be used for technological reasons, such as avoiding lactose crystallization in milk-based mixtures (e.g. reducing the sandy texture in ice cream), increasing the sweetness of milk ecc.

Packing options: Liquid 20 L

Lipase is an enzyme that causes hydrolysis of fats and oils (mono-, di- and tri-glycerides), resulting in the production of free fatty acids that contribute to product flavor and taste.

Animal origin lipase formulations with lipolytic activity of 14, 28 UC are available.

Packing options: Powder 500 g, 1 Kg

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