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Acidulants and salts

The company offers a variety of salts and acidulants for use in the production processing of cheese and other dairy products.

Calcium chloride
It is an authorized food additive (E509) for use as a sequestrant and hardener. In cheese making process, calcium chloride is added to processed milk (pasteurized / homogenized) to regain the natural balance between calcium and protein in casein. Adding calcium chloride to milk before adding rennet, restores calcium levels.

Packing options: Liquid 25 L

Lactic acid
Lactic acid is used to regulate pH in brine and whey cheeses.

Packing options: Liquid 25 L

GDL (Glucono-Delta-Lactone)
It is used as an acidity regulator in various cheese applications.

Packing options: Powder 25 Kg

Ascorbic acid
Ascorbic acid is used in dairy production for its protective role against oxidation of products components.

Packing options: Liquid 5 L, 25 L

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