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Participation of BILLTEC in the FOODTECH International Food Exhibition

22-10-2019 14:38

BILLTEC A.E. participated successfully in the FOODTECH International Food Exhibition held on October 12-14 in Athens (Metropolitan Expo). The exhibition focused on the technologies of food and beverages production, processing, packaging, storage and handling and was highly responsive to the specialized companies in the food sector.

A large number of interested producers and companies visited the BILLTEC Stand, where all the high technology products provided were presented, with emphasis on the starter cultures for the production of dairy products from the Italian company MEDITERRANEA BIOTECNOLOGIE, which is exclusively represented in Greece by BILLTEC since 2004.

Agamemnonos 61 & Heraklitou 26
Glyfada 166 74
210 5582433, 210 9607291
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